lunedì 6 agosto 2007

''Canterbury University''

The Canterbury University of today traces its history to the formation of ''The Canterbury College of Business Studies" founded in England in 1974. It offered ''External Programmes" as a private external degree granting body.

In 1988, England went under an important change in the laws governing education and in particular private degree granting bodies, Canterbury College took the opportunity to internationalise its structure and programmes by acquiring full "University Status". Since then it has maintained its university status and Canterbury University is today a fully authorised tertiary level academic institution under British law and incorporated for that specific function in the Republic of the Seychelles, a member of the Commonwealth of the British Nations.


In general External Programmes were established in London around 1858, at Canterbury University degree programs are fully compliant with Seychelles Legislation, British Legislation and the norms outlined by the International Standards Organization in EN ISO Model Standard 9001 of July 1994.



''He who is not prepared today will be less so tomorrow"